Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow in July

Well....something we never thought we would see with our first two babies....

Prisca, our cat, just does not care for Hagen very much. This was unbelievable. We love our two animals. We hope they do good with our little girl!

Practice makes Perfect

Saturday night we had the chance to babysit my nephew, Carson. He is 13 months and so much fun. We played and played and finally took a bath. I only have girlie things so I had to take a pic of him in the pink towel. He loves to splash...she how wet I got.

Four weeks until Avery arrives. I refuse to count past 39 weeks. Every little bit of practice helps!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nursery Pics

The nursery is almost finished. We wanted to post a few pictures of our progress. We still need to find cute things for the walls, but besides that, we really love it so far. All we need is Avery!

34 weeks update

Well, not much going on at our house. We are so thankful that Josh has a job. We are praying for something permanent here in Houston so he can spend lots of time with the baby. If you haven't heard our name choice yet.....Avery Blake will hopefully be arriving no later than May 5th. Avery because we both loved the name, and Blake is my mom's maiden name and Avery is due on her birthday.

The doctor said the baby looks great. I have to get on the fetal monitor every time I go to the doctor now for weekly visits. Some days I wish she would come a little early, but I have to remember that it is better the longer she stays in her cozy home.