Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3 Months Old...Almost

On August 1st, Avery will be three months old. Here are a few pictures that we had taken. You can get totally sucked into buying all the pictures.
Our Precious Girl!Big SmilesYucky feathers but they were oh so cute.My hand was in the way...it was such a cute smile thoughBig girl!!Have to have a semi-naked one.Such a big girl.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Daddy!!

We celebrated Josh's birthday this past weekend. It was tons of fun. Avery and I gave Josh a smoker for his birthday. Josh was so excited to smoke some ribs....needless to say we ordered Chinese food after his attempt. Check out the pictures below. The good news is that he learned what not to do next time.Happy Birthday Daddy! Avery is loaded up to take Daddy to breakfast for his birthday.We died laughing at the ribs. They were so charred there was very little edible meat remaining. We realized it wasn't how long they cooked, but Josh wanted to keep adding wood to the fire. It was a great try honey! Look at all those carcinogens. Uncle Jason and soon-to-be Aunt Chrissy holding Avery. Avery was far too into watching the fan. The whole family minus me...someone had to take the picture. Happy Birthday again Daddy!!I made Josh a Neapolitan ice cream cake for his birthday. It was so yummy! Look at the perfect layers. It was a HIT! Let me know if anyone wants the recipe. Finishing the weekend sporting my Hoot Owl onesie. My best friend, Brooke, gave Avery this precious outfit in hopes she will be a Chi Omega someday like us. "Hoot Hoot, I'm cute!"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 4th Continued and 11 weeks old...

I have been meaning to post a few pics of when Avery stayed at her Grandma Judy and PaPa's. Here is a few from her visit there and a few extra pictures. Enjoy!Celebrating my PaPa's Birthday!Decorating cupcakes with my Grandma Judy for 4th of July. Look how big my shoes are...my feet look like a big girl. Hello!Shhh...what happens at my grandparents stays at my grandparents!Rested and relaxed parents picking up our precious girl!Look at me in my cute outfit from Aunt Viv! I love to eat my dresses and shirts now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 Weeks...

I had a great weekend. I tried my Exersaucer for the first time and loved it. Celebrated my Daddy and Pop's birthdays early. I went to the church nursery for the first time and slept in the swing the entire time. Here are a few pics from the week.I love my Exersaucer! Thank you to mommy's friend, Katrina! Daddy loves to ruffle my hair and call me a Mad ScientistTaking a nap after my afternoon of playing. I love my teddy bear though my parents don't let me sleep with it. Just a few minutes with it. Enjoying time outside in my swing with Hagen and Mommy and Daddy. Daddy gave me my bath tonight. I love bath time!Mommy and me after church. I am in my pretty pink dress from Mommy's friend, Maria. Thank you Maria!The GirlsKristin and Andrew with Avery. She is intently watching the fan! Pops with both of his grandbabiesWrapping up the weekend on my activity mat. In my outfit from Grandma Judy...thank you!!!

First Taste of Something Yummy

Avery's pediatrician told me that she needed to start taking vitamin drops since she is a breast-fed baby. Well, they are disgusting. I am not sure if it is worse for her or me. She spits it out and then smells like Iron all day long. When I called the pediatrician to ask her what to do, she told me to put it in a tiny teaspoon of chocolate pudding. Can you believe that? I asked if I should use Sugar-free or Fat-free and she said it wouldn't matter since she would be getting so little of it. Here is a pic of Avery getting her first taste of chocolate pudding. She didn't love it because I am sure the taste of the vitamin drop overpowered it. She was so cute trying to eat it though. It is still very hard for me to give to her.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Avery's Grandfather's Birthdays

Avery got all dressed up to celebrate her two grandfather's birthdays this year. My sister and I created onesies for Avery and Carson to help celebrate the birthdays. Check them out. Happy Birthday Pops and PaPa!!Happy Birthday to my PaPa! It was on June 29th

We tried to get Avery and Carson together, but we couldn't get a good picture. So we took separate ones below.

Happy Birthday Pops! It is on July 17th. We love you!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Avery and Aunt Kristin

Well, I know I said Carson (Avery's cousin) was starting to warm up to her, but he is still not so sure about getting too close to her. I wanted to get Carson and Avery together again, but here is my sister, Kristin, holding Avery! She is going to love her Aunt Kissy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July and Avery Talking

Avery spent the weekend with both sets of her grandparents. Here are a few pics of her Friday night/Saturday morning with my parents. I will post pics with Avery and Josh's parents very soon.Already learning at Momz and Pops' house. Aren't I just too cute? In my 4th of July outfit. I wish you could see my shoes too.
Momz and Pops tried to set up the camera. They did pretty good. I was so relaxed outside.
Look at my big smile. I smile all the time now. It just melts my mommy and daddy's hearts!

Here is Avery talking. She gets so vocal now. It is so cute. My PaPa taught me a new trick too so hopefully that will be the next video.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Avery - 9 weeks

It is getting harder and harder to find time or things to blog about. All is well here in the Bibb Family. Josh and I had a wonderful weekend in Austin while Avery stayed with her grandparents for the Fourth of July. I post pictures of her stay with both grandparents as soon as I get them from them. I know she had a ball and we missed her. We called both parents asking them to text us a picture.

Last Sunday, Avery was 9 weeks old and went to church for the first time. She was all dolled up. Next Sunday, we will send her to the Nursery. That will be her first time to be left with non-family members. I have heard the ladies are wonderful, but it will be a new experience for us.
Avery's Grandma Judy gave her this teddy bear, and she just loves it. By the way, did you see Avery is now a Bowhead? I just can't stand it, they are so darn cute on her. My friend, Virginia, makes bows so I am now going to try myself.