Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Baby is Turning One in Two Days

I am sorry I have been MIA on the posting.  I have been preparing for Avery's first birthday not to mention just keeping up with our busy girl.  So hard to believe a year has flown by.  I always knew I would love being a mother, but I never knew the extent of unconditional love I would have for this baby girl.  I love her more and more each day, and I know I can speak for Josh too (who is smitten with her!).  Her second tooth just starting popping through yesterday.  So I guess our song "All I want for my birthday is my two bottom teeth" actually worked!  Pictures to come from the big celebration! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Day

Here are the pics from Easter Day! Avery's first Easter was so much fun. I am happy to report she actually wore her dress to church. I was a little worried because she pulled on it when I tried it on her.  We had a wonderful Easter at both my family and Josh's family. It was a great day!!

And other news....Avery finally got her first tooth. It popped out this Saturday, April 10. It only took 11 months and one week to pop that little sucker through. She is definitely eating more foods. She is so funny about picking up anything slimy. She will eat bananas and cantaloupe if you put it on a spoon or fork but not if you make her pick it up. She loves refried beans, rice and butter, recently found she loves broccoli rice casserole with chicken in it (I pureed it a little bit so it wouldn't be so chunky). When I fed it to her and put her spoon down so I could eat my food, she would pick up her spoon and hand it back to me. It was precious. She also says "Uh Oh" all the sounds a little like "Eh Oh."
Easter baby!
Pulling out her book and bunny out of her Easter basket.
Our nephew, Carson, hiding the Easter eggs. If someone would hide them, he would go right behind them and pick them up. It was precious!
Happy Easter from our Family to yours!
Trying to get our little girl to give us a smile...even though she is a very happy baby she is not a huge smiler. 
My parents with their grandkids.  Avery 11 months and Carson 2 years old. 
My sis, Kristin with her husband, Andrew and Carson
My sis and I with Avery...this was the best one. 

The fingers stay in her mouth...her tooth was getting so close! 
"What you talkin' about Willis?"
I made Josh hold up her dress so you could see her cute bloomers.  My friend, Jessica, gave them to her. 
Carson and Avery having a serious conversation the laundry room over crackers. 
On to Grandma and PaPa's for Easter afternoon.  We saw them at church, but we didn't have time to get a pic with Avery.  Then I was a bad photographer and never got one of Avery with both of them. 
PaPa is fixing up his old Bronco, and I love driving it!! 
Having a ball!
"Daddy showing me how to hunt Easter eggs."
Learning to put them into my cute bunny basket from Grandma and PaPa. 
Wrinkled nose of many.  It is not just the is her signature expression. 

"Hmm...this egg is heavier and has a sticker on it." 
"Grandma showing me the cheerios in my egg...YUM-O"
Chowing down. 

This is one of my favorite pics.

Us with Josh's brother, Jason and his new bride, Chrissy. 
Last pic....she found the mother-load of eggs!
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This and that....

On Thursday before Easter, Avery had her cousin, Carson, over to play. She has been very mischievous lately. I was loading the dishwasher and she crawled right up there to help. When I showed Josh the pictures, he said "You know she can break this? And you proceeded to get the camera?" I told him I couldn't help was too darn cute!

Carson was telling me all the words in the book. He would just get the book settled and Avery would come up, and he would have to move again. He didn't want Avery to share his book. It was funny!

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Carson and Avery were playing and having a ball. Their laughs are infectious.  Notice all of the toys they pulled out of her toy basket.  They dug to the bottom to make sure they had every toy on the floor. 

Avery's First Easter
Part 1
We began the weekend at an Easter Egg Hunt at my Dad's brother's family home. It was amazing. They have had it the last five or six years and we have never made it. It definitely well thought out and planned. The kids enjoyed it so very much! Here are a few pictures from the day.

Avery with her Nanny, my Dad's mother.  The beginning of many scrunched up noses. 

I sat Avery in the bunny's lap and she flattened like a pancake and slid down his leg crying.  This was the best we could get.  Sippy cup and all. 

She got two eggs!!

Daddy cracking a Cascarones on her head. 

Watch as she pulls these eggs closer and closer to her. 
Little closer...
Just right!  Now, I can grab them. 
Avery meeting her cousin, Addison, for the first time.
By the end of the party, it was pretty warm, she is sporting a mini dress.

Part 2 of Easter Sunday will be posted later this week.  This is very time consuming!  Hope everyone had a beautiful Easter celebrating our Redeemer!