Monday, May 31, 2010

The latest of Avery and Hagen

Avery torments the dog. We honestly can't believe the dog takes it, but I think she likes it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Latest happenings...

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted last.  We are having a great time with our one year old.  She is into EVERYTHING!  Just in this past week, she removed the child-proof cap of the infant motrin and opened a bottle of nail polish.  Fortunately, the nail polish only went into her mouth and no pouring into her mouth was involved.  I freaked out and tried to call Poison Control, and they said there was a long wait.  WHAT?  Needless to say, our sweet Avery keeps us on our toes.  We love every minute.  We finished swimming lessons today.  The place was starting to get so crowded that we are going to take a break for a while.  She goes under the water like a champ but still doesn't love to blow bubbles or float on her back.  I am going to practice with her at our neighborhood pool this summer.

We have always known that Avery and Hagen (our dog) would be best friends but is so cute to watch it happen.  Avery loves being anywhere near Hagen.  If Hagen is lying in the living room, Avery will open her paws and wiggle her way into leaning up against her.  It is so cute!

 Also, Avery has been enjoying her swing we gave her for her birthday.  Her Daddy and PaPa hung in the tree in the backyard.  I was trying to push her and take pictures so it was kind of hard.  Better ones to come!

Love this is a little bright outside. 
Of course she was watching Hagen wishing she was running around with her. 
She loves being in the grass now. 
"hmmm" If you click on the picture and make it bigger, you can see her two bottom teeth. 
Avery trying to get Hagen's collar off . 
Ok, I know I am a bad mom for letting her put the Motrin bottle in her mouth.  This was prior to pulling the lid off.  See how she nuzzled herself into between Hagen's front paws. 
Just hanging out together. 
We love our two girls...Hagen is the best dog that allows Avery to cover her up with anything and lay all over her. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day at the Beach

I had a wonderful 2nd Mother's Day with my precious baby girl and husband!  We went to Galveston on Saturday and spent time with my parents and then spent Sunday evening with Josh's parents.  It was a great weekend but it wasn't sunny at all...boohoo!  Avery LOVED the beach.  She was not scared at all.  She looked like a natural walking and picking up shells.  Here are a few pics to enjoy! 
Big girl sitting at her and Carson's table.  It was my sister and I's growing up. 
Such a happy girl!
First moments on the beach.  It was very windy so her cover-up was on most of the time. 
Don't you just want to eat those legs. 
Avery loved digging in the sand with her shovel. 

Shelling near the dunes. 
Found her first shell. 
Look at her precious friend, Karen, from EmmaLemmaLou made it for her.  She can monogram anything, and we work together so easy drop off and pick-up. 
She handed us about 20 shells. 

Hagen was having a ball in the water until......
Josh noticed a stingray!  Can you believe it?  It was so close to the edge of the water.  Needless to say, no more fetching the ball in the water for Hagen. 
Covered in the Galveston sand/mud after playing in the sand. 
Sunrise around 6:30AM on Mother's Day.  It was so gorgeous. 
Bright happy girl after her good night sleep. 
Sporting her precious halter outfit from her Grandma and PaPa. 
She was checking out a wind chime. 

I love this picture of Josh and Avery. 
Our family on our way to church in Galveston. 
Three Generations celebrating Mother's Day!  
Josh and I are so blessed with wonderful mothers, and we thank them both so much!!  They have guided us and helped us as we have learned to parent our baby girl!  We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day too.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Avery's 1st Birthday!

Avery's 1st Birthday celebration was a day to remember.  It was awesome that her 1st birthday on May 1st was on a Saturday.  Here are a few pics of our big girl!  The theme of the party was "Our Little Cupcake is Turning One"....if you can't already tell. I had so much fun preparing for it.  I had a lot of inspiration from TomKat Blog She created the cupcake labels for me.  Enjoy!

 The night before her party...check out her jammies..Party Animal!
The morning of her birthday!  She loves making this little grin where her tooth can rub her gums.
Puppy comes everywhere she goes!  We are on #5. 

MomZ (My mom) helping me get Avery ready for her party.
Getting ready for her big day.  She had a two hour nap prior to her was awesome!
Pops (my dad) with Avery
PaPa (Josh's Dad) and Avery.  Avery was holding her new baby!  Her new friend, but it does not replace her favorite puppy.  
Grandma (Josh's Mom) with Avery.
Our family!
Checking out her party table.  See her baby pic this was moments after she was born.  WOW so hard to believe.
Happy Girl!!!  She was so excited to see people more than presents.
I absolutely love this face.  I can't believe we have a BIG blue-eyed girl!
I made all of the cupcakes and desserts, but I did have this giant cupcake made for Avery.  It was so precious...the whole thing was cake and can you believe the bottom part is not a wrapper but icing?
My sis and Andrew with Carson and Avery.  Carson had so much fun with Avery's party and his dinosaurs.  

Digging in...well, sort of.  She liked the icing not so much the cake.  Once she saw Josh's Blue Bell ice cream cup, she was done with the cake.  Bring on the Ice Cream!
YAY!!!  She was so happy!
Avery greeting Uncle Doyle and Auntie Viv (sorry little out of order but blogging is a pain with pictures)
Avery and her friend, Farah.  I wish I had one of all the little kiddos. They were all precious.
Do we see a future couple in the works?  This is our friends, Mike and Jessica's precious boy, Drew.
We got Avery a little swing to have from our tree outside.  Avery and Drew hanging out after everyone left sitting in the swing.  It was too cute!  Pics of Avery in her swing to come.
Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet baby girl!  We have enjoyed this past year more than we could have ever imagined.  She is such a joy to both Josh and I.  We are grateful to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for giving us this healthy, beautiful baby girl!