Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Catch

We have some exciting news to report....Josh is starting a new job as a Landman tomorrow at Shell.  The position just fell into his lap thanks to our Lord, and he is really excited about getting into the position he has been working toward.  He was sad to leave Marathon and all his friends there, but he knows they will definitely stay in touch.  So with that said, he took a week off before starting the new job.  We decided to head down to Galveston for a little vacation.  It was just our little family, and what was going to be a relaxing vacation turned a little stressful.  We thought it would be a perfect time to potty train Avery.  We could tell she was ready, but this has been so hard.  We always heard girls were easier than boys, but I would hate to see how hard it is with a boy.  Anyway, she is making progress but definitely not completely potty trained.  We had an accident at Babies R Us when we got home and one at a restaurant not long after the BRUs accident.  So she left the restaurant with no pants because I only brought one change of clothes.  We are not leaving the house without a pull-up on for a while.  Any guidance would be appreciated :)

Josh caught a beautiful 23 inch redfish off the back dock at 1AM.  He woke me up to take a picture of it.  He had a ball fishing at night after the girls went to bed. 

We spent the majority of the week pant-less (she must have been shirt-less at this point too).  We hardly went to the beach.

She got a sucker if she did #2 in the potty.  Only got two of those the whole week.  We decided to nix that reward...too messy. 

The day before we left we ventured out to the beach with a potty in tow.  She actually went twice at the beach. 

Tried to get a photo of the girls but seconds after I snapped this pic Avery was done with this and slightly pushed Amelia into the sand.  We freaked out, but Amelia was happy as can be.  On another note, Amelia is seven months and started sitting up all by herself yesterday.

Sweet smiles 

One last potty stop before heading back home.  Next time we will go for just a vacation. 
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Belated 4th of July pics

We celebrated the 4th with my family in Galveston.  Always a great time!  Here are a few pictures from the fun weekend. 
Amelia arriving in style.  Precious outfit from my Aunt Sylvia. 

Had to show the cute roses on her bottom

She is so happy now that her reflux is really starting to feel a bit better. 

The kids have to wear a life jacket when they are near the boat dock.  Josh decided to pick Avery up and dip her in the water.  She loved it!  Kept saying "Again."

Day 1 at the beach.  Carson and Avery has so much fun together.

Isn't this precious....can't wait for Amelia to be able to sit with them too. 

Carson fell in the water (with his life jacket on) a few weeks ago so he is very cautious now.  He kept telling Avery to get back. 

Avery loves to hold Carson's hand.  It is so funny!  She still calls him "Carsy" even though we try to get her to say Carson. 

Yuck, sand in the mouth

Just having a ball. 

Itsy bitsy teeny weiny chocolate polka dot bikini

My Dad got this sprinkler for them to play in while we were outside.  They weren't quite sure so they decided to hold hands to run through it. 

Avery kept grabbing Carson's hand.  I don't know how long he will allow this.

Josh and Amelia on the 4th.  All decked out in red, white and blue!

Carson and Avery pretending to drive the golf cart.  The neighborhood has a parade of decorated golf carts.  People seriously go over the top.  I saw one that was a pirate ship.  You couldn't even see the golf cart.

Me, Sis and Mom with Carson and Avery. 

The kids and grandkids.

Family on the 4th (well, the 3rd. :) )

Josh and Andrew wade-fishing. 
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I forgot to tell you....

There have been so many things that I have missed posting about so I am going to try to give a quick Cliff-notes version of whats been going on. 
Amelia started rice cereal about three weeks ago and really liked it from the start.  She started bananas this past week and seems to enjoy them too.  I am hoping and praying she will be my good eater. 


Sweet also forgot to tell you that she truly does have reflux.  She is getting prevacid daily now, and we can already see a difference.  It something that could take six to eight weeks to really see the difference, but we are so glad she seems to be having a little relief. 

She didn't make the yucky faces that Avery did when she started rice cereal. 

We also celebrated Father's Day a day early after Josh worked in the yard.  He couldn't stand that we had a present all wrapped up for him.  Josh is a wonderful daddy and the girls just love him.  Amelia smiles so big when she sees him and Avery finally runs up to him when he gets home from work.  I know it just melts his heart.  We love you Josh/Daddy and thank you for all you do for your girls (me included)!! 

We took a quick overnight trip to Galveston last week to see my parents.  Amelia loves swinging outside.  My Dad has been a short retirement before he starts later this month with another company.  It has been so nice seeing much more of him, but I have a huge prayer request to ask for.  My Dad lost his voice after a cold and has had no voice for a month.  He has some kind of virus that has attacked the vocal cords.  It is very unusual.  Please keep him in your prayers as he sees a specialist later this month (the doc is out of the country right now).  My Dad is such a trooper and it doesn't seem to worry him too much.  He knows that God is in control. 

Avery loves to swing too.  She says "swing high." 

There are a tons of peacocks near my parent's house.  The kids love to go feed them at night.  I still have not seen them open their feathers, but they are still pretty. 

I took Avery to her first movie...Cars 2. 

Handing the lady her ticket.  She was so excited. 

We went with my sister and Carson. They had a ball together as usual.

Getting ready for the movie to start.  Sitting on the very hard booster seats.  

Avery was a hoot.  She wanted to hold Carson's hand a lot and then toward the end really got antsy.  I was glad it was a morning movie of all kids and parents.  There was a lot of movement in the theater. 

Had to stop for a quick bus ride before we left the movies. 

Also, Avery advanced to a new swim class without parents.  I was so excited not to have to get in the water. 

These pics are pitiful because I am taking them through the window that has the coating where the kids can't see the parents.  See her floating on her back on the right. 

She does so much more for the teacher than she did when I was there.

Last one for now...she is floating by herself.  So proud of her!!

4th of July pics to come! 
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