Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Photos of the girls

We took the girls to get their pictures made last weekend. One of my best friends in the world, Cori, gave them these precious outfits when Amelia was born. I couldn't wait until Amelia was sitting up to get pictures of them together. They turned out great and fortunately, we had happy girls that Saturday morning. Here are a few of the pictures.  Avery is 28 months and Amelia is 8 months. 

We didn't care for the gray background, but that is the benefit of getting the CD with all the poses on it. 
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Day of Pre-school

Avery started pre-school almost three weeks ago and is loving every minute.  The teachers call her an "Old Pro."  She is even napping a little here and there on her cute cupcake napmat.  Here are a few pics from the first day of school. 
She decided to spit her milk out all over her clothes right before we were walking out of the door, but she is still a cutie!

Ready to go with her new backpack. 

It is a little LARGE!  She can grow into it. 

I guess I take a lot of pictures because she told me she wanted to get in front of the tree.  Haha!  No pretty landscape. 

Sitting with two of her older boyfriends :)  Just kidding, Josh! 

I don't know what I said to get this cute look, but Amelia is checking her out too. 

Inside the room she was so excited about all of the toys, then she looked at me and said "I want to go home." 

Literally, one minute later she was playing with a puzzle and saying goodbye to me.  Even though she has been in daycare before, I felt myself tear up that she is growing up so fast. 

Avery still adores her cousin, Carson, whom she now really does call Carson instead of Carsi. 

Amelia is the sweetest baby girl and smiling almost all of the time.  She is army crawling everywhere now.  Will post video soon.  It is a hoot. 

First taste of Chicken Noodle (I think).  She had more on her face than in her mouth.  She grabs the spoon and wants to feed herself.  She loves Mum Mums and Puffs too. 
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where o' where have we been?

Well, I could tell you that my camera lens broke when Avery pulled my camera off the kitchen table, or that we have been so busy, but the truth is...I just have been a little slow on pictures and posting.  (Even though one of my lenses did break...boohoo, hopefully it can be easily fixed).

We have had a busy August with family stuff for those that know, please keep praying.  Avery started preschool this past week and I am working again one day a week at Methodist in SL.  I had a very hard time leaving my job because it wasn't just a "job" it is a passion.  I was so fortunate that they asked me to come back even if I could only do one day a week.  It is awesome.  My sweet mother-in-law watches the girls so I don't worry one bit.  It is a nice Mommy Day-Out and great to get a little money while I am at it. :)  Here are a few recent pics of the girls.  Amelia is getting so big and Avery is just a hoot!

Eight months already.  Where has the time gone?

She is a changed baby since she has been on prevacid and going to Physical Therapy.  Thank you Lord!

I seriously could kiss her face all day. 

She loves sitting and seeing the world now.  She wants to crawl but even though the therapy has really helped with her arms, she doesn't push up completely.  She looks like she break dances and spins in circles or rolls to get where she wants to go.

We had a great playdate last week with some good friends at the Children's Museum.  Amelia got to stay with her Gi Gi so it was awesome to have some alone time with Avery. 

Avery loved the Splash Zone, but it was too hot to stay out long even at 10AM.

Having a blast with one of her good friends. 

Nothing was going to stop her getting that boat. 

She still loves the kiddie area and the tea parties. 

Even though she doesn't look too happy, she loved HEB in the Kidtropolis. Can't wait for the next visit.

First Day of School pics to come!
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