Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tiny Dancer

Amelia is definitely our little dancer.  She shakes her hips to every song.  This isn't even the best hip shaking, but I had to get it on video before she moves out of this phase.  We could just eat her up! 

Happy Father's Day....a little late

Another belated post!  We enjoyed celebrating Father's Day and sharing the weekend with three special men.  Josh is an incredible father that loves his girls...we are so proud to be his family!  Here are just a few pics from the weekend. 

After church and lunch.  The girls were fading, but they love their daddy!  

We celebrated my Dad the night before, but I happen to have my camera in my purse at church so got a picture of us three.  My Dad is so amazing!  

Celebrating Josh's Dad after church at lunch.  Another amazing father!  
Avery with her Aunt Chrissy!  Not sure what is happening with these two pictures..it makes me so mad. If anyone else uses blogger and knows why, comment me.  Thanks!
This was a hysterical shot of my precious girl.  She was so upset because we wouldn't let her have the butter for the bread.  We finally gave in.  She was so happy just to eat the ball of butter.  I guess I should say she is definitely a momma's girl! 
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