Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Fun

We took the girls to the fall festival in our neighborhood this year.  My sister and Carson met us there.  The kids had so much fun!  Just a few pics of the HOT Texas day!

The best of the three kiddos.  My sister got the girls their precious Hello Kitty outfits.  Perfect for the weather. 

So cute..stair steps.  

Amelia gets so red when she is hot but so sweet.  

Enjoying some lunch under the shade tree with Daddy!  Josh sporting his Tech hat in honor of my Red Raiders!

Just monkeying around 

Carson getting batman face painting

Avery getting a butterfly

Sweet cousins

Riding the ponies together.  Amelia just sat on it, and I have attempted to upload three different pictures and all came up fuzzy.  I seriously need to figure out why my blog looks cruddy compared to so many others.  

Carson with the smiling Llama.  It literally smiled when you held up the camera.  
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