Thursday, August 20, 2009

Celebrations and trying new things...

I had a wonderful birthday weekend with lots of celebrating with family. Josh took Avery and I to Galveston for the day on Sunday. We just went to lunch and to the Strand, but it was so hot. We only got a picture with the water far behind us. Next time, we will go when she can wear sunscreen and get in the sand and water. Avery is also starting to enjoy her Bumbo in little increments of time. She is also giggling up a storm. I will try to post a video soon. Here are a few pics of what has been going on lately. Take care!Avery and her mommy in Galveston. You can barely see the water behind all of those cars.
Another precious outfit. We can barely get through all of them. Thank you Uncle Owen and Aunt Pam. Relaxing with lovies! Her favorite teddy on the left and taggie doll on the right. She is holding them so tight. "Look at me in my Bumbo"These huge blue eyes make us melt. We hope they stay blue.
Avery is doing very well at therapy for her neck. She fell in love with this toy called the Happy Apple. I am sure some of you all our age had this as an infant. We found it on ebay. She is memerized by it. Who knows why Fisher Price stopped making these?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Look at me wearing shoes...

The first time shoes stay on Avery and she is smiling for the camera! Happy Tuesday everyone.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

3 months and counting

It has been several weeks since I have posted. All is great here in our family. I started back to work last week part-time and what a blessing that has been. I love working part-time because I truly get the best of both worlds with work and Avery. Avery turned three months on August 1st. It is so hard to believe that time is passing by so fast. She is reaching out for things, smiling and giggling. She is also starting to drool a lot. I told Josh she needs to start wearing a bib, but he thinks bibs are only for eating...haha!

I took her to doctor last week and she noticed that she had a little bit of a flat head on the right side. She was diagnosed with torticollis. If you don't know what that is, it has to do with her neck muscles being tight forcing her to tilt her head and look mainly one direction. The worst case would be is that she might have to wear a helmet. It doesn't matter because it is completely fixable. We went today for her first visit with her physical therapist, and it went so well. Avery was such a trooper. She loved Jane her therapist.

Here are a few pictures of the happenings in our home lately.
I laid Avery in her bed one night while I was putting up clothes and working in her room. She loves her bear so much. If I pull it away from her face, she puts it back. Don't worry she doesn't sleep with it. I tried to pull it away from her face.Avery with her new best friend. She is really starting to notice Hagen now. Hagen licks her hands and sometimes gets her face too. "I am three months old today!" August 1, 2009"Look at me in my new jogger stroller...even though my mommy doesn't jog.""I had to wear my shades because it was so bright.""Wearing a bib for the first time. My clothes were soaking wet from drooling. I promise I do smile...just not for the camera."