Friday, May 29, 2009

4 Weeks Old Today

Avery is 4 weeks old today. We have had so much fun so far and a few sleepless moments too. Avery had an eventful week. She got to meet her Great Grandmother on Josh's side, Granny Helen, and also her Great Aunt Diana. She went to Josh's brother, Jason's engagement party. She also wore her first headband with a ridiculously cute flower. Finally, we also went to the pediatrician's office twice for a very bad diaper rash. I am happy to say that it is finally all cleared up. Here are a few more pictures.

Avery with her Great Grandmother, Granny Helen, Josh and his Dad (Avery's Papa).
Getting ready for the engagement party..."Mom, I am not sure I am ready for this flower yet."
"Now, the flower and I are friends, and I am so relaxed." Avery is being held by her Great Aunt Diana or Aunt Sissy as we all call her. She is wearing her precious monogrammed outfit given to her by Josh's cousin, Christina and her family. Bibb Family!Avery with her Grandma, (Judy - we need your Grandma name), Papa, and Aunt Sissy.
Our Big Girl!Josh's brother, Jason and his fiance, Chrissy. We love her! They are getting married in February. Josh is the best man, and I am the matron of honor. I am plum tired after my wonderful week!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Big Girl

Avery is doing wonderful as well as Josh and I. She is really growing up so fast and is only three weeks old. Time will definitely fly by. She is sleeping good at night. Most days are from 11ish to 4:30AM but sometimes she goes until 6AM. It is awesome. She is really strong and you can see from her holding her head up. We are definitely proud parents.

Please continue to pray that Josh will find a job here in Houston. He misses his girls and we miss him during the week!
I am even starting to smile a bit...though it was probably after a good toot. This is the gas-iest girl I have ever met. We might have to call her Tooty!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Groundhog Day

Avery is doing great, and she is still sleeping from 10:30PM - 4:30AM. What a dream!! I keep thinking each night something might change, but I am hoping this is the beginning of a great schedule. She is two weeks and four days old today. She has great control of her head. She will just hold her head up and stare across the room. It is amazing how your days seems like Groundhog Day where you repeat the same things day to day, but they are so fun! We take walks and enjoy the sunshine in the evening after I discovered a mosquito netting to cover her infant seat. Enjoy the pics.I love my bouncy seat. Did I mention that I also love pink?? Or at least my mommy does.

I have curly hair when I get out of the bath.
Avery and Daddy! He is a very proud dad!I am very strong. I hold my head up by myself.
In sea of polka dots.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Pics from the Hospital

All is well here at the Bibb house. I have a few moments of quiet. I thought I would try to post some more pics from the hospital and Avery's birth.

We fell in love immediately!10 fingers and 10 toes. Our wonderful nurse, Medi, said she was definitely "done" based on her feet.
After Avery's arrival with the best doctor, Dr. Nguyen. I told him it was such a good delivery that I would definitely do it again...then I said that I would probably wait a little while. :)
Avery posing with our wonderful nurses. Medi, who is the BEST coach ever and Tracy, who was Avery's nurse and our photographer. Ok, I might be partial since I work where I delivered, but we had the best care possible. Thank you to Medi, Theresa, Tracy(nursery), Linda, Valerie, Irene (the most wonderful night nurse that I had three days in a row), Maria, Jocelyn, Tracy, Carol, Bonnie, and Mona. It was an amazing experience. I learned so many things from all of these wonderful women.
Erin's family after delivery. Andrew had to work and Carson was at the sitter. He couldn't have handled all the waiting. Josh's family minus Jason. They came later!Jason, Josh's brother, and his fiance, Chrissy. Jason asked when he could babysit! Kristin and Andrew came to visit with Carson. Carson didn't like Avery that much, but we know they will be fast friends when she is crawling around. Carson is walking now by the way.
Ready to go home! I love my carseat and definitely car rides.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Survived Week One

We all survived week one and now almost week two of Avery's life. She is such a sweet baby, but we are still trying to get our days and nights straightened. Last night she slept from midnight until 5:45AM. I couldn't believe it. She might be trying to fool me, but it was heavenly to get that much sleep. We have had wonderful help from both sets of parents. We have received so many well wishes from friends and family. We did have a few crazy moments during the first week. Our A/C went out two days in a row, our smoke alarm battery decided to go out at 5Am after we just got Avery down, our garage door decided to drop a few parts, our dog went for annual shots at a new vet....$300 later she had an allergic reaction and had to go back for more shots. It was a comical week, but we survived and have decided to keep Avery! Here are a few more pics. I thought I would be better at updating, but there does not seem like there is enough time in the day. Love to everyone!

Avery in her precious outfit from Erin's sweet friend, Cori and family

Avery's first sponge bath. Josh was instructed by the nurses on how to give a bath. He lathered her down like he was washing a car. She didn't seem to mind at all.

All cuddled up after my first sponge bath.
More to come!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Avery's Arrived

Avery Blake Bibb arrived on May 1, 2009 at 4:11PM. She weighed 8.6lbs and 19 in long. Labor was great. We arrived at the hospital at 6AM and started pitocin around 7:30AM. By 12PM, I had my epidural, 6cm dilated and 100% effaced. Things were going great. By 2PM, the nurse said we were ready to start practice pushing. Avery was trying to get our attention because her heart rate would drop during the contraction and pushing so our nurse said I needed to wait until the doctor arrived. Dr. Nguyen (the best doc in the world) arrived not long after and things really got going. I had about 30 minutes of pushing, and she still had to pulled out with the vacuum extractor. She is just gorgeous and very healthy. Her apgar was 9 and 9. She immediately started to nurse which was such a blessing. She has had great reports from the peditrician, and we couldn't be more in love with her. Here are a few pictures of our Avery!

Prior to Avery's arrival. Our last moments as just the two of us.

I look a bit groggy, but it was a great labor.

Avery was so alert even from the beginning.

Day after Avery's birth - had to show off the pillowcase made by my mom and my sister.

Avery dressed for her pictures at the hospital. She has the most beautiful dress on from one of my mom's best friend, Evelyn. You can't see it all, but she looked like a cream puff.

Avery preparing to go home. She is wearing a dress that my Nanny, Dad's mom, made for him to wear home from the hospital. It is almost 56 years old (sorry Dad, you still look like a spring chicken)! She is also laying on a afghan that my Grammy, Mom's mom, made.

Our new family heading home!