Friday, October 30, 2009

Off to the Beach...

We have been busy getting ready for Halloween even though Avery will not remember her first Halloween. More pictures to come. We took Avery to another Pumpkin Patch at our favorite nursery, Enchanted Forest. We took a day trip to Galveston. Here are a few pictures of our recent events. Happy Halloween everyone!

A prayer request...the insurance company denied Avery's helmet. We are appealing. Please pray that the insurance company would see how much it can affect her growth rather than seeing it as cosmetic.

Our little family in Galveston. It was pretty windy that day so Avery had a hat versus her normal helmet. (Thanks Cori...the hat is so adorable!!)
Kristin, my sister, Andrew and little Carson. Erin's parents with their grandchildren.

Avery and her cousin, Carson, getting their pumpkins from MomZ and Pops (erin's parents).
Avery playing with her very practical gift of toothbrush/toothpaste.
Posing! This is the last picture you will see with the ladybugs on her helmet. They all started to scratch off and then it started looking trashy so I scratched them all off. I need to decide if I am going to try again with something different or leave it pink.
"Check out my onesie that my Daddy bought me....TEETHING BITES"

"My serious face."
Avery is about to eat the leaf she pulled off this bush.
"I love my fingers and anything else I can get in my mouth."
Basking in a sea of pumpkins.

Had to take this picture...wouldn't it be great to be a cat. This is at the nursery, Enchanted Forest. Josh and Avery just chillin while I shopped for plants.

Check out our handiwork...we planted dianthas, violas, and red cabbage. I will post pictures when it grows.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Fun

We took a trip to Beaumont this past weekend to see both of my grandmothers. Before we left, I painted Avery's helmet. It turned out pretty cute, but it is already starting to peel a bit so I have to figure out a new sealer. Here are a few pictures.

Avery's helmet all decorated with Lady Bugs.

One of my grandmother's church had a pumpkin patch. We took her on a spur on a moment to take a few pics. Out of the 20 pictures taken, the majority of them she was looking down at the pumpkins.
She is watching all of the little kids.
Big girl sitting on a hay.

Playing on the floor at Grammy's.
Avery staring at her great-grandmother, Grammy.
Avery and her other great-grandmother, Nanny, getting ready for church.
First bath sitting in a deep sink. She had so much fun playing with the water and splashing.

Bath time is tons of fun!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ready for some football...

It has been several weeks since I posted last. We have had so many things going on and lots to share. On September 29, Avery got her new pink helmet. We were a little worried that it would be a hard adjustment for all of us, but she has adjusted very well. We have been so surprised. She does not seem bothered by it at all. It is a little harder on the parents, but it makes it better that she is tolerating it well. She wears the helmet 23 hours a day, and she gets it off for the one hour to party a day. She is loosing her hair a little bit in the back but other than that, things are going great. The average time for a baby her age is to wear it four and half months. It could be more or less...we are praying for less! I am going to decorate her helmet in the next few days. Pics to come!

Josh and I went to the Tech vs. U of H game a few weeks ago, and it was a blast since we went to opposing schools. It was sad for my Red Raiders, but Josh and our friends were elated for U of H. Here are a few pics.

Avery turned five months on October 1st. Hard to believe time is passing by so quickly. She is definitely more vocal and laughs all the time at the dog, Hagen. She has recently started sitting up, but we have to stay close by because she will take a nose dive when she is reaching for things. She also started eating some fruit along with her oatmeal. So far she has not met a food she hasn't liked besides rice cereal.

"I love to clap in Daddy's lap"Getting ready for the big Tech vs U of H game. Josh said Avery needs a new outfit after the big U of H win.

All dolled up to root for the Red Raiders.
First day with her helmet on. They intially put this piece on her left side to help with her tilt, but it was removed because it limited her range of motion in her neck. Thank goodness it was removed because it was hard to feed her with that on it.
"I love to read books before bedtime."

Intently watching cousin Carson play with my toys
"Look at me sitting up by myself playing with Carson"

This is really the closet they have gotten, and I think Carson has realized she will be a fun friend to play with. Before he didn't know what to do with her.