Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catch Up

It is hard to believe it has only been a week since I last posted anything, but a lot has happened. Josh had his first Father's Day. We celebrated with Josh and both of Avery's grandpa's too. Then my mother and I took Avery on a trip to Beaumont to see both of her great-grandmothers and her Great Aunt Paula. On the way home, we took an adventure through Winnie and on to Bolivar. I hadn't seen the destruction of Ike, and I wanted to see what it was like. I am happy to report that it really doesn't look as bad as the news makes it out to be. Of course, there are many pilings that still remain with no houses on them, but all in all things are slowly rebuilding. It is amazing how in certain areas the sand is all the way on the other side of the street. Sorry, I didn't take any pictures. We took Avery on her first Ferry boat ride, but she slept right through it. To end the week, we went to over to my sister's house where she got to play a little with her cousin, Carson. Whew, I should be resting now. :) Tomorrow we are going to celebrate with Avery's Papa for his birthday which is on Monday. We are just having a ball. Enjoy the pics!Avery and her Daddy for his first Father's Day. Avery rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time. Happy Father's Day to the best Father and Husband. We love you!!
Avery and her Daddy and Papa. Happy Father's Day JR/Papa!!! We love you!Avery with her mom (me) and her Pops (my dad). Happy Father's Day Dad!! You are the best father a girl could ask for. Love you!!Avery meeting her other Great-Grandmother, Grammy. She was loving riding on Grammy's knees. Four generations...we are so blessed!Avery with her Great Aunt Paula. Aunt Paula is my mom's youngest sister, and she was 11 or 12 when I born. I was her baby doll. Avery with her Great-Grandmother, Nanny. Avery slept from 11PM to 7AM at Nanny's come she can't do that at our house? Rocking on the front porch. Avery loves the breeze.No my mom is not breaking the law...we are on the ferry. It was so hot and there was not an ounce of breeze so we had to get her out of the carseat. Avery slept through the entire ride.Just to prove we are really on the ferry. I had to hold up my camera to take the pic. :)Kissin' Cousins! Carson and Avery together. Carson is just now starting to like Avery a little more and more. We can't wait until they are running around together.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Ok, so I know our pediatrician would die if she saw these pictures, but we couldn't help putting Avery in her precious swimsuit. We went to Kristin and Andrew's house today to go swimming while they were at a wedding we were supposed to attend in Austin. We hated to miss, but we traded watching their dogs for a dip in their pool. It was so nice. Thank you Krissy and Andrew!!! We kept Avery under the umbrella for pictures near the water so she didn't burn her VERY fair skin.My feet taking a dip in the pool. I am in my precious swimsuit and hat from MomZ (Erin's mom)Avery and I just relaxing under the umbrella in the pool. Josh had strict photography instructions while taking a pic of Avery and this new mom in a bathing suit. We put her Pack-n-Play outside under the covered patio under the fan in the breeze. She was out in two seconds. Sweet Little Angel sleepingAvery in her after-sunning outfit. Look at all those cute rolls....don't you want to eat her up? My mom chipped a tooth when she had me because she said she would grind her teeth when she loved on me. I can see why. Avery is not hurting for food.
Avery just really started smiling a lot this past week. I tried to catch it in mid-smile but kind of hard to do. You can see her dimple on her right side like her mama! At least she got one thing of mine since everyone calls her "Little Josh."

Juicy Girl

My Aunt Kristin loves Juicy clothes. She gave this to me before I was even born. Thank you Aunt Kristin. I promise to wear Juicy clothes only if you buy them for me. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Reunion

We had a wonderful weekend starting with my six-week checkup (all good there!) and with a date night with Josh and Carlisle Family Reunion on Saturday outside of Columbus, TX. It was great. Avery got to meet several relatives and most importantly another Great-Grandmother, Nanny.Avery with the nurses at Dr. Nguyen's office. They took care of me for nine months. Thank you to Mary, Audra and Angela. They are the best. I will miss them. I never thought I would try to think of reasons to go to the OB/GYN's office.
Avery and her Nanny (Erin's Dad's Mom)
Avery with Nanny and her mom. It was so hot outside we spent quite a bit of time in Nanny's hotel room. Avery loved when Nanny sang her to sleep.
On Sunday, Daddy and Avery were just pooped out. What is wrong with me taking pictures while I should be sleeping with them? My Babywise knowledge told me that Avery shouldn't be sleeping on her Daddy during a nap, but I couldn't help myself when I saw how cute they looked.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

6 weeks old

Avery is 6 weeks old on Friday. So hard to believe that time is flying by so fast. Our dear friends, The Cofas's, came over on Sunday, but I hate to say I didn't get a picture with Drew and Avery. Drew is two and wanted to snuggle with Avery. It was so cute. We also had a mini-photo shoot at my parent's house this week. We tried to dress her up and get a few cute shots. She is getting bigger and bigger and just smiled at me twice this week. She hasn't done it since, but we know she is close to doing it a lot. We have Carlisle Family reunion this weekend and Avery is looking forward to meeting her other great-grandmother, Nanny.

Avery loves her swing. It is so cute how she puts her bare feet on the bar that should go between her legs. "Pardon my pretty diaper...I was taking my morning nap."
"I love talking to my daddy."Daddy's Home and Hagen is exhausted. It is tough being a dog that has taken the backseat to our new baby girl! She is now more of an outside dog. The meter-man did not like her too much today. He was trying to protect himself with an umbrella. I had to laugh...I didn't know what kind of protection an umbrella would be had she been a vicious dog.
"Dressed in my precious outfit from my mommy's dear friend, Brooke. (Thank you!!!) I love lime green! I am on the verge of crying because I hate when my mom sits me up in this chair. I can't sit up yet...doesn't she know this?"
Pops giving me a bottle (Erin's Dad)
Three Generations of Carlisle Girls.
Avery blending in with the flowers. A tad-bit bright outside for Avery.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Avery's Guardian

Avery has a new friend and guardian, Hagen. She was enjoying some tummy time and Hagen was watching her carefully. Last night I had to put Hagen outside because she thought it was her play time too...I was little worried Hagen would step on her. Still more training to come!