Friday, June 25, 2010

Check out Avery's new shirt....

That's right....Avery is going to be a BIG SISTER!!!
We had a wonderful surprise after Avery's first birthday that we were pregnant!  I am due January 12, 2011 and just went for my 11 week check-up yesterday.  All seems to be going great with Baby Bibb #2.  We have known for a while it seems, but I wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly before I shared with all you friends and family.

Below is the ultrasound from yesterday.  11 weeks even though the baby is measuring at 12 weeks!  Looks like another big baby on the way.  I will post our seven week ultrasound later so you can see the difference of how fast the baby changes in four short weeks.  You can see the hand right above the body.  He/She was moving a lot and you could see the legs and arms moving.  My sweet doctor just said "Let's see this baby."  I thought it was a bad thing because with Avery, I had the first ultrasound and then not the one until the gender.

You might be asking....are you going to find out the gender?  We are up in the air on that.  I have always wanted a surprise and Josh doesn't like surprises.  We also think it would make things easier to more to come on that. 

Please keep this baby in your prayers for safe pregnancy and healthy baby!!!  Love to you all!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Random Acts of Avery

I had to share some of the crazy things and positions Avery has gotten into over the last week.  She started transitioning to daycare this past week.  It has definitely been a challenge since she spent the last year with me and her two grandmothers.  Her biggest problem is sitting buckled into the chair at the table.  She doesn't want to eat or do anything in the chair, hence, she is not really eating while she is there.  So please keep this in your prayers.  When I picked her up today, they said she had a really good afternoon so I am hoping this is the beginning of good things. 
Well, what can I say, we have a climber.  She has found a new spot.  Love this pic below.  It looks like she was caught.
Avery loves her dog, Hagen's bed.  I think she likes it more than Hagen does. 

She also loves playing in her water bowl.  I thought she wet through her whole diaper one day, but we learned that she sat down in the bowl.  Pardon the drying swimsuit. 
All of the outlets have safety locks on them, but of course she would find a plug while Josh was ironing.  Oh, and she loves to brush her teeth!  Check out all the curls.  Her hair has grown so much in the last month. 
She might follow in my Grammy's footsteps and be a little hairdresser.  She loves playing with our hair.  We can't say we mind because it totally puts us asleep. 
She got a little distracted by Dora.

Kisses for Daddy!  I was using my old camera with a delay so the darn thing flashed when she was already coming up from her kiss.
Helping Mommy with her computer.  She loves to bang the keys! 
So we got to keep Carson on Saturday evening, and this was the only picture I got of him and Avery was already out of the bath.  It was a busy night!  They have so much fun together.  Carson was running around saying "Come on Avery."  It was so cute! 

Memorial Day Weekend and Trip to the Zoo

We have been enjoying our busy life, but we had a nice relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  My sister and her family went out of town so we were dog-sitting and got to use their pool.  Avery loves the water and had a ball.  Josh was the photographer during this time so excuse the pics.  I tried him to get in the water with the camera, but he was too worried that he would drop it.  We also decide on Monday morning of Memorial Day to packup and go to the Zoo.  It was so much fun.  Here are a few pics of the weekend. 
My sis's pool has a little sunning deck with umbrella in it.  So nice for fair skin babies. Her bathing suit was from her Grandma.  It was really cute on her. 

She loved the fountains. 
And she loved getting in and out of the pool.  
Checking out the birds very intensely.  She loved all the birds.  She said "Oh, Oh" and pointed to everything.
Getting a little hot outside but she was a trooper.
Checking out the goats in the petting zoo.
"Mommy, why is this girl sitting on the goat and where is her mom?"  Seriously, the mom just said (very nonchalantly) "Honey, that goat probably doesn't want you sitting on him."
Enjoyed the carousel ride which was a good distraction from the Cherry Icee that she wanted more and more of.  
Ok, so I said "Josh, get Avery and I with the Cheetah behind us."  Hmmm...the cheetah must really be behind us.  
Avery loved Giraffes.  If you look closely, one was bathing the others mane.
Bye Bye Giraffe!
Josh followed all the kids into the tube behind the fish tank.  Good thing Avery has a Daddy that is a kid at heart.
Pink cheeks. We are ready to go!