Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little Eyes Everywhere

Yesterday, Avery came out of my closet with some breast pump accessories in hand.  I had to see where this was going so she hopped up in a chair and looked like a pro.  It is hysterical but she (and Josh) will probably kill me for posting this, but I had to share.  It just cracks me up how they pick up on what you do even at two years old. 

Love how she is placing it on her tummy and her chin is holding her shirt up. 

We had to get out of the house yesterday evening as Josh was working late.  We have an awesome splash park in our neighborhood so we decided to go.  Avery was a little shy about it at first and then had so much fun. 

Avery's sweet friend, Drew's mommy got her this cute suit for her birthday.  If she puts the hood on, she looks like a flower.  So cute!

My little drowned rat is ready to go home.

Here are a few funny videos that I have taken lately.  Avery is definitely a singer and dancer at heart.  I was trying to get her to say her ABC's on the 2nd video.  She often skips from "EFG" to "QRS"...then she got so excited because she saw "her cars."  She borrowed these hot wheels from her cousin and just loves them.  

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beach time

We celebrated my Mom's birthday at the beach. Always a wonderful time! Here are a few pics of the weekend. Avery is such a dare-devil in the water. We spent a good bit of the time running into the water after her. Needless to say, we decided she was in need of swimming lessons. So we started this past Friday in the Starfish 2 class. She doesn't love it....more going under water than last year, but it will sure help get her ready for more swimming this summer.  

Carson and Avery eating lunch.  Amelia is in the bouncy seat behind Avery.  My sister loaned me this from Carson, and it is a God-send.  We take it everywhere when we will be outside. 

My family (I feel like "always the bridesmaid never the bride"...always the photographer never in the picture..haha!)
My dad almost sat on Avery when trying to get on the swing.  She was cracking up. 
It seems like Amelia was always asleep when I had my camera out.  So this is one of the only pics of her that day, but it is such a sweet one.  It was pretty windy so we were trying to cover her ears.  

Isn't this precious?  Cousins fishing together. 
 Having tons of fun. 
 Getting ready to head to the beach. 
 Carson's ready too. 
 I just like this pic. 
 And this one too....can you tell I love taking pictures of her??
 "We are ready but our parents are taking too long!"
 Isn't this so sweet? 
 Love that tiny tush!
 Carson loves the beach!
 So happy!
 Getting water for the sandcastle

Working together!

Carefully walking around the seaweed...she is definitely like her mom.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Where has two years gone?

It is hard to believe our precious Avery Blake is two already.  She is growing so fast and her vocabulary just amazes us.  In some ways, she is still acts like a baby so we try to enjoy all of the stages.  We broke her of her pacifier over a month ago, and that was an easy transition except for night-time.  It takes her forever to fall asleep, but we are glad that paci is gone.  I have learned that I will break Amelia around one instead of two if she takes to it as much as Avery did. 

We celebrated her 2nd birthday with close family and friends at one of our neighborhood parks.  For those that know me, I love to party plan.  I was so excited when I started thinking of Avery's theme and then we decided our home is just too small after having her first birthday here.  We are so blessed to have so much family in the area, but we knew we would all be crammed in our house.  The day was just beautiful, however, it was the windiest day.  You would have thought we were in Chicago.  It was quite hysterical.  So all of my decorations pretty much went with the wind.  Avery had a great time with her cousins and friends.  Here are some pictures of her birthday weekend. 

Her cake looked just like her invitation.  If you need a delicious cake lady in the SL area, let me know.
The park pavilion...not much decorating could be done.  The wind was blowing all of the tablecloths off.  You could barely see the banner.  Oh well. :)
The birthday girl!
She had the best time and even though I told myself while decorating I would never do another park party....I realized the kids had a blast.  That is all that matters. 
Us minus Amelia.  She stayed pretty much covered since it was so windy. 
Avery and her friend, Hope.  Hope's parents were in our wedding.
Uncle Drew pushing Avery and Carson.  Avery's good friend, Paige (our neighbor) is also swinging.
2nd cousin, Karissa, pushing Avery. 
2nd Cousins, Karissa and Addison.  So happy that we have girls so close in age.  Can't wait for summer play-dates. 
 Could barely get her off the swing. 
Sweet cousin, Carson, just swinging like a big boy. 
Josh grilling hot dogs.  It was so easy and fun!  Well, maybe not so much fun for Josh but easy nonetheless. 
My mom and sis with Amelia.  I have to say I made her of my girlfriends from church taught us how to make bows.  I have a new addiction now.  :)
Avery and Carson getting ready for lunch 
Amelia with Aunt Sissy all bundled up. 
Josh and his brother, Jason. 
The minimal decorations..haha!  I put the kids' names on the water bottles and filled with tootsie pops. 
Happy Birthday time...see the Sunkist is the paper plate holder. :)
Isn't she a doll?  I love her smile.  She is definitely our smilely child.  When Avery was this age, we would have to basically stand on our head to get her to smile. 
 After the party and nap, Avery woke up to her new present from PaPa and GiGi.  She loves her slide. 
 She also woke up to her sand and water table from her MaZ and Pops.  Hagen likes it too. 
 She could spend hours outside. 
 The next morning was her actual birthday.
 We got her the art easel.  She loves it. 
 Birthday cinnamon roll. 
 Blowing out her candle. 
After church that morning, we let her play in the Playscape at church.  What a great way to celebrate her birthday!