Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nine and Half Month picture

Happy Wednesday!  I took Avery for her nine month pictures yesterday.  It was so hard to choose just one pic, but I found one that definitely looks like her.  There were so many with cute smiles and all, but this was definitely her.  Hard to believe she will be a year in a little over two months.  I scanned the picture so it isn't great quality.  I stood my ground and didn't get suckered into purchasing the big package in order to get the CD.  I will save that for her first birthday.  She is walking everywhere now and she even has the bruises to prove it.  We had to use some concealor on her cheek because she had brand new bump from falling into the ottoman at home. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Beautiful Weekend - Jason and Chrissy's Wedding

Josh's brother, Jason was married on February 6, 2010.  It was such a wonderful weekend, and we have welcome Chrissy into our family.  She is a such a sweetheart and was a GORGEOUS bride.  Here are a few pics from the weekend. 
The rehearsal dinner at Texas Land and Cattle.  My mother-in-law decorated it so pretty.  It was great food, family and fun. 

Josh's family (Dad, Josh, Erin, Mom, and Aunt Sissy).      The Bride and Groom!!!

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Chrissy's bouquet.  It was so pretty!!! 

Chrissy getting ready.   The makeup artist put lots of power to brush off after the eye makeup.  See her shirt...Future Mrs. Bibb (I made it. :) )

The church was in Wallis, TX about 45 minutes from Sugar Land.  It was a beautiful Catholic church.  
Close-up of the altar.  The church was built in 1800's if I am not mistaken.  
Avery with her Grandma and PaPa before the wedding.  

How pretty!!

Avery was giggling away.  

New Husband and Wife.  Not a great pic because my family was in the cry room so the babies would not interrupt the ceremony.  It was a beautiful wedding.  

The new whole family (this is the best pic my dad got)
Josh and I with Avery.  Chrissy gave each of the bridesmaid as a gift to have our hair and makeup done.  I liked the smoky look, but it doesn't look like me.
My parents with Carson and Avery (both grandbabies)

Avery stayed the whole weekend with my parents so we could all enjoy the weekend without worrying about naps and bedtimes.  Thank you Mom and Dad!  I wanted you all to see Avery's precious dress.  My mom got this dress for her the Christmas before she was born.  The color matched our bridesmaid dresses perfect.  
Lastly, my Dad and can see where she has gotten her blue eyes!  He is the only one in the both immediate families with them. 

Running Update

Hi Friends,

Well, our running has halted. I feel a need to tell everyone that I have been a slacker. Josh was doing so well and was on week three and I was starting week two (due to bad weather and running outside in the rain with a baby isn't the best idea) and Josh started to have a knee pain kick up again. Several years ago playing church softball, he did something to his knee and this running seemed to worsen it. He went to see an Orthopedic Surgeon last Monday and by Friday he had knee surgery to remove torn cartilage. The doctor was afraid he had torn his menicus but after the surgery was over doc said he hadn't. Whew! So with all of that said, I had no other choice to stop my running so I didn't make Josh feel bad...haha, just kidding! I really started to slack off and the weather didn't help. So, I am recommitting. Since my hubby is home full-time with no more travel (Started his new job today!!), I no longer have an excuse that I can't take the baby outside with me. Josh is recovering very well from his arthroscopy surgery. He is still limping a little and decided to take his crutches to work today because he didn't know how long the walk would be. He is on the 34th floor of a 41 floor building. Hold me accountable. Summer will be here before I know it! I would like to feel someone decent in a bathing suit this summer. Happy Monday!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our little zombie walker

Avery started walking little steps about two weeks ago, but now she has completely taken off. It is so sweet. She is our little zombie walker.  We can't believe she started so soon.  I guess the helmet makes her a little fearless. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nine months and growing

It is so hard to believe our precious Avery is already nine months. She is getting to be such a big girl. We went for her nine month old check-up, and she is 30 inches (97%ile - she is tall!!), 19 lbs (50%ile), and 17 in head circumfrence (25%ile - guess a small head is better than a bigger one). Avery started taking a few steps over the last few weeks and now she has taken off. The most we have seen is about 10 -12 steps. It is so precious because she gets so excited and normally turns around to see your reaction and falls.  Avery is a very happy baby and is babbling all the time.  She says "mama" "dada" "naanaanaa" but she is not associating them with anything.  Last week Avery started to wave Bye Bye...She has completely mastered it now to where I can be on the phone talking with someone and say "Bye Bye" and she starts to wave.  She opens and closes her hands facing her though.  It is so cute!  Videos to come.  As you can tell we are just overjoyed by our darling girl.  Here are a few recent pics. 

Avery was not too excited about trying on her new coat.  My mom and Josh's mom both got her the exact same coat for Christmas and didn't even know it.  It is really so cute on her, but she was not in the mood. 
Avery and her cousin, Carson, playing.  They are really starting to have fun together.  Carson just talks to her and she wants to follow him so bad.  Soon they will be running together.  They are 15 months apart. 
Avery with her "evil eye" isn't too bad in this picture, but she normally gets a really big wrinkle and small left eye when she looks up due to the helmet. 

Avery, my mom, and I went to see her Great-Grandmothers in Beaumont.  I didn't get any great pictures, but Avery really enjoyed crawling all over Grammy's apartment and sitting in her big girl toddler seat to eat cheerios at Nanny's.  What a blessing that she has seen all of her Great-Grandmothers in the last week.  Josh's Granny was here too for his brother, Jason's wedding.  More pics to come on next post. 

Our sweet Realtor and friend, Barbara, knit this hat for Avery with a precious duck on it. 

One year will be here before we know it!