Friday, September 18, 2009

First trip to Oklahoma

We took Avery on her first long road trip to Oklahoma for Labor Day weekend. We were smart parents though and stayed coming and going in the Dallas area. We just knew almost 10 hours would be hard for a four month old. Avery actually did very well in the car despite it taking us two and half hours to even get to Conroe. We had a great time and Avery met her great-grandfather, Bobo, for the first time.

On another note, Avery went for her appointment to be measured to see if she needs a helmet. We found out she will need the helmet. We were a little sad, but again so thankful that it is temporary. She will have to wear it 23 hours a day so I am sure there will be tons of pictures to come in her little helmet. We decided just to go with pink since her skin is pretty pinky anyway, and we might decorate it too. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for her. She has really made a lot of progress in therapy. Please continue to pray that once we have the helmet (in about a little less than a month) that her head would move quickly and she will adjust to it pretty easily.

Here are a few recent pictures. She is now a tummy sleeper even if we put her on her back she immediately rolls over.
First afternoon nap on her tummy.
Avery's visit with her great-grandfather, Bobo. She loved sitting in his lap and play with the remote.
"Aunt Susan holding me...I am so sad Daddy is making me stop pulling Bobo's hair" (Bobo is not phased at all).
Our girl is getting big.
Second cousins, Kristen and Matthew holding Avery (just after a little crying fit)
"Look at me..I can stand on one foot. "
Second cousins, Gus and Emma with Avery. She loved playing with both of the girls.

Emma and Gus's mommy, Jennifer, holding Avery up. She wore about four outfits a day there.
The girls having a great time.
Aunt Susan trying to get Avery to smile at the camera, but the fan was more important.
Avery and Aunt Linda playing.
Granny Helen talking to me so sweetly.
Eating oatmeal in the hotel on the way home.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

4 months and growing...

Today, Avery is four months old. My how time has flown by. We started rice cereal on Saturday. Avery has definitely been challenging us lately with her night-time sleeping. She was sleeping 11P - 7A since she was six weeks old, and in the last two weeks she has reverted to waking every hour or two. So, we have tried EVERYTHING! My pediatrician said that the rice cereal probably won't help her sleep, but it has been so much fun seeing her eat it. Enjoy a few of the pictures of a our little one.Look at me...on my tummy. I am rolling all over now. Video soon to come. (Thank to mommy's friends, Jennifer and Greta for my activity mat - I love it).Staring intently. Can you see my pretty tutu ballet outfit from mommy's dear friend, Cori.Still have my pretty blue eyes. Thanks Pops! Josh and I both have hazel so they look to have come from Erin's dad. Me and Aunt Kristin. Hagen is looming behind. She loves being around Avery. Avery has really started to notice her more and more. She even enjoys when Hagen licks across her face. First bite of rice cereal is about to happen.Yuck! More cereal got on my bib than my mouth. Look at mommy's face too.

Check out the video of her first attempt with rice cereal. We are both making crazy faces.
Our dear friends, Scot and Nicole's daughter, Hope, with Avery. She was such a big helper with Avery's bath and getting her to bed.
Their son, Will, holding Avery. Josh and I started dating when Will was just two years old. Time has flown so fast.
The kids together with Avery. They just got back from the beach...Avery needs a little tan..she is glowing.