Thursday, October 6, 2011

Catch up

Last week was Grandparents Day at Avery's preschool.  Her grandmothers, Ma Z and Gi Gi got to come visit.  She was so excited and loved seeing both of them.  That same day Amelia had her nine month check-up.  The following day, Avery went for her first haircut with her cousin, Carson.  Then just had to share some cute pics of Amelia.  Whew, lots going on. 

Thank you for all the sweet calls, emails and prayers for my Dad.  He is recovering well now and getting stronger each day. 
Painting frames with her grandmothers.

Showing them how it is done. 

Cheese!  It is really hard to get her just to smile now rather than "Cheese" it. 

Amelia was chilling eating the keys.  Her favorite toy!  On another note, I never went out of the house shoes or socks on Avery when she was a baby.  I guess Amelia truly is a second child, but I will say that she just kicks them off in the car when I get them on her. 

Yummy keys. 

Another sweet pics with her grandmothers. 

Just love her sweet face. 

Avery with her Ma Z.  Another cheese face (not sure what is going with the bottom of this pic if it comes up weird).

Avery with her Gi Gi.

Amelia at her doctor appt after her flu shot.  She surprisingly did pretty well!

Avery getting her first haircut with Carson.  Pre-cut

Sitting in the car ready to go!  Wild hair and all!

Movie on and ready to go...then the lady had to answer the phone.  Then she was ready to get out of the car. Bummer...maybe next time!

Getting her hair trimmed in my lap. 

Pretty girl after!

The curls just really came out again. 

She did so good. 

Now, it was Carson's turn, and he is an old pro..however, he still doesn't love it.  This look is priceless. 

Avery was busy shopping while waiting on Carson.
The cuties together. 
Trying to get them to smile at the same time is so hard. :)
 Now off to McDonald's for lunch and playtime. 
They had so much fun.

 Amelia all dolled up after church on Sunday.  Had to show off her cute outfit with tights. 
 She is growing too fast.  Still need to post her army crawl video.  To come!

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