Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where ya been??

If you want to know why I have been MIA to blogging, it is because I have spent all of my evenings and free time for the last month making Avery's Christmas stocking.  My mom made the felt/sequin stockings for our family growing up, and I always treasured seeing my personalized stocking come out of the box every year.  I bought Avery's stocking last year and was scared to actually start it.  I am proud to say I have done this all by myself and my mom hasn't helped a bit (besides some telephone moral support).

All that remains is embroidering Avery's name on the top and sewing the back of the stocking on.  I would say I have put at least 45 - 50 hours into sewing this ditty, but it will definitely be worth it.  I was working like a mad woman in hopes of making it in time for Christmas.  Now, Josh says I have a few months until Christmas so I can start on his..haha!  

Other news...all is going great with Baby Girl #2.  We think we have settled on a name, but I will wait a little longer before we share.  On Oct 14, I will have my appointment for the one hour gestational diabetes testing.  Please say a prayer that I don't have it with this child.  The positive part of this exam is my doctor does a free 3-D ultrasound so we will get to see our Baby Girl again.  Josh wants confirmation that she is still a girl.

Avery has been sick all week with diarrhea.  I am praying for normal stool by Monday so she can go back to school.  You moms know how important this is.  Our pediatrician said it can hang around for two weeks...Lord help us!  Avery is definitely keeping us on our toes.  Just this past week has she really started calling me, Mama!  She has been saying it for months if you ask her to repeat it, but she is just associating it with me now.  YAY!  She has also learned how to shut doors so she is constantly shutting herself in places.  Might be time to get one of those handy-dandy things where they can't shut the door. 
Until next time.  Oh, by the way....I haven't been a good photo mom sorry no recent pics. 
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lovin' the Popsicle

Well, what can I little girl loves popsicles.  We have tried to limit her sugar, but there is no stopping her now when she sees a popsicle.  Just a cute pic of Avery with the old school push-up Flavored Ice. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had a quick night in Galveston for part of Labor Day!  It is always so nice and relaxing.  I hardly took any pictures.  Josh and my Dad had good fishing excursion in the surf.  Here are a few pics. 
Gorgeous sunrise.  We almost missed it because it came up more to the right than normal. 
Avery enjoying her morning milk on the deck.  She finally let me look in her mouth, and she has gotten one molar.  So far, four front top teeth, two bottom teeth and one molar.  Lots more to come! 
Josh and Dad's fish!  They were beautiful.  Speckled Trout and Mackerel.
My honey holding up his catch of the day! 

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